Six-bit Terminal Base

Product Application

The six-bit terminal base is a multi-function device specially designed for railways that integrates cable distribution and lightning protection functions. It is installed in lightning protection wiring cabinet, lightning protection combination cabinet, and lightning protection combination board. It is mainly applied to the signal machinery room of railway station, marshalling yard and places where various electronic equipment are concentrated. It’s used for  switching, distribution and lightning protection of outdoor incoming cables.  

Product features

The six-bit terminal base mainly has functions of switching and distributing indoor inlet to various indoor electrical equipment connections. There are serial bases and parallel bases. The serial type base terminal is orange, and the parallel type base terminal is gray. 
The parallel type (BFD-H) six-bit terminal base and the series type (CFDL-H, CFDR-H) six-bit terminal base are equipped with a fault linkage mechanism inside, which can be triggered when an abnormal situation occurs in the parallel-type lightning protection module. The mechanism separates the lightning protection module from the protected circuit, and gives a normally closed or normally open switch signal through its output interface to meet the requirements of various types of alarms.