PSS-D6P-10 Lightning Protection Socket

Product Application

PSS-D6P series lightning protection sockets are designed according to the standards of TB/T2311-2008 and TB/T3074-2003, and are classified as class D fine protection, which can provide fine protection for the power supply of equipment. 
PSS-D6P series lightning protection sockets are used as the final protection of the power supply system of electronic equipment, directly applied to the power supply terminals of computers, communication equipment, network systems, modems, fax machines, telephones, high-end audio, televisions, imaging equipment, precision electronic instruments, scanners, printers, copiers, office and home appliances and other equipment. 

Product features

Single-phase two-level lightning protection against induction;  

Large impact flow capacity;

Fast response time;

PC alloy engineering plastics;

Automatic overload protection;

Automatic detection of grounding wire;

Efficient surge protection;

Low residual voltage;

Connection without solder joints;

Flame retardant and impact resistance;

Live line / zero line double break switch;